Grace Breeding’s Proprietary Bio-Fertilizer (NFT) solution showed superior or equal results when compared with nitrogen-based urea fertilizers, including more efficient use of water and nitrogen while lowering carbon emissions, its Brazil study showed

Grace Breeding’s NFT alternative helps fill a major void in the food supply chain by offering an organic and biological substitute capable of drastically reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. During the Brazil study, NFT was applied to corn plants and compared with other corn plants using standard urea fertilizers. The major takeaways from the study include:

  • NFT showed greater speed during the germination process.
  • NFT showed greater efficiency in the use of nitrogen as shown through the greater intensity of green in the leaves, leading to a potential reduction of more than 50 percent of nitrogen in corn cultivation.
  • Corn plants that were fed NFT released less carbon into the atmosphere, presenting it as a sustainable production system.
  • Corn plants that were fed NFT demonstrated better water-use efficiency and therefore less water transpiration, or loss of water.

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