Plant Protection Wide Defense System (WDS)

WDS is a new supportive, environmentally sustainable approach to crop protection. By biologically boosting plants’ immune systems, plants can resist pests, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. In addition to WDS technology improving vegetable yields by 10-20% and shelf life by 30%, the technology reduces the potential for pests to develop resistance to chemicals and increases the overall safety of soil and groundwater, creating a much healthier environment.

Grace Breeding is conducting intensive on-site farm testing in Israel on a wide range of applications:

  • Citrus – Tristeza virus
  • Tomatoes – Leveillula taurica
  • Peppers – Leveillula taurica
  • Tomatoes – Tbrf-V (greenhouse cultivation in Ami-Oz)
  • Chickpeas – protection against pathogens
  • Carrot – early cultivation protection against pathogens
  • Maize – Fusarium
  • Chickpeas – Ascochyta
  • Asparagus – Rust
Case Study: Asparagus trial – Hayogev R&D Farm, November 2018

Rust treatment; Application model testing for Soy rust – phakopsora Sachyrhizi





Case Study: Shelf life / 2 weeks after picking

Treated Cucumber

Un-Treated Cucumber

Treated Cabbage

Un-Treated Cabbage