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Wide Defense System (WDS) Solution:
Protecting Plants

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Nitrogen Fixation Technology (NFT):
Safe and Sustainable Fertilization

The Competitive Advantage

Green Agro Solutions Innovative

Our company is quick, forward-thinking, experimental greenhouse of patented agro innovation. Proven experience, vast knowledge and know-how lead to short development cycles, scientific creativity and
a continuous flow of new products & protocols enabling our customers to become pioneers in their communities. A unique, hi-tech agro leadership team implements innovative solutions, acts quickly with flexibility and operates with significantly lower budgets with short time to market.

Plant Protection Wide Defense System (WDS)

We develop solutions that protect plants by boosting their immune systems, which leads to an increase in crop health and yield and improved shelf life.

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Nitrogen Fixation Technology (NFT)

Our proprietary non-disruptive, environmentally sustainable fertilizer, offered through subsidiary Nitrogen Fixation Technologies Ltd., reduces soil and groundwater contamination and enhances nitrogen uptake by crops.

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