The Science Behind

Biofertilizers are natural products that contain living or dormant microorganisms, including non-pathogenic bacteria, various types of plant extract, algae, or fungi, which help to build up micro-flora, enhance soil fertility, and boost plant growth. They do this partly by fixing nitrogen into a form that plants can use. This symbiotic relationship improves nutrient availability for the crops.

Aside from nitrogen fixation, another critical function performed by biofertilizers is phosphorus solubilization. Phosphorus is often present in forms that plants cannot readily absorb, but it can be converted into a soluble form by specific microorganisms, which also boosts the nutrient uptake capabilities of plants.


Biofertilizers must have strong biotic stress tolerance (resistance to pests and pathogens) and also abiotic stress tolerance (meaning resistance to environmental factors like salinity, drought, extremes of temperature, or the presence of heavy metals) to provide adequate support.

Studies have proven that biofertilizers can increase crop yield by 20%–30% while replacing chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by 25%–50%. It’s no surprise, then, that farmers are increasingly looking to biofertilizers to optimize productivity.

In earlier research and development (R&D) efforts, scientists ran into difficulties with strain isolation and formulation. It wasn’t clear how biofertilizers could be made effective in a range of agricultural settings. However, a sequence of breakthroughs in scientific understanding, along with continued innovation and research, have greatly improved the quality and consistency of biofertilizers over time.

The experts at Grace Breeding are part of that transformation story. Our own proprietary solutions have been under development and field testing for many years. We have applied our combined 80 years of experience to revolutionize farming practices—promoting healthier soils, increased crop yields and profits, and reduced environmental impact.

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