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Farmers are increasingly conscious that the use of biofertilizers in combination with other techniques like biostimulants, soil cover, mixed farming, and greater use of indigenous seeds, is a viable response to today’s soil health and climate challenges.

Recent disruptions to international trade, including COVID-19 and the conflict in Ukraine, have caused the price of inorganic mineral fertilizer to almost double. The World Bank notes that synthetic fertilizer prices have surged by 30% since 2022, putting small-scale farmers under greater pressure than ever before.

It’s no wonder that farmers and distributors worldwide are searching for eco-friendly alternatives to expensive and harmful industrial fertilizer. Of course, they don’t want to sacrifice yields or their profit margin. That’s where Grace Breeding’s solutions come into play.

Our biofertilizers support the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms, resulting in higher yields. They also provide vital mineral elements to the crop. The role of the microbes in sequestering carbon helps to lower the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere.

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