(NFT Biofertilizer) : For Maize

Maize, known as the queen of cereals, is recognized as a highly versatile crop due to its wide adaptability under a range of agro-climatic conditions—not to mention its exceptionally high genetic yield potential. As a result, maize is one of the most important cereal crops worldwide, right next to wheat and rice.

However, its productivity relies heavily on nutrient management. That’s why biofertilizers are an increasingly popular choice. They are composed of plant extracts in synergy with free-living bacteria that promote a plant’s growth, enhancing productivity via the strengthening of the roots and helping farmers to reduce the amount of damaging synthetic fertilizer administered to the crops.

Today’s smallholder farmers desire sustainable tech like MAOZ™, which improves crop yields through an environmentally friendly mechanism. The benefits include increased root growth, seed germination rate, leaf area, chlorophyll content, nutrient uptake, protein content, hydraulic activity, root and shoot weights, tolerance to abiotic stress, and delayed senescence.

With one-time application for each season—instead of the usual two to three—MAOZ™ reduces urea usage by a staggering 50%.

MAOZ™ makes your plants better at photosynthesis! With maize crop, it is used to enhance all physiological and yield parameters. It
also provides a strong response in terms of the number of grains.

Here is a brief outline of the Advantages: