(WDS Abiotic Stress Tolerance)

ClimAid™ For Fruit and

Farmers are looking for a way to prepare their crops against drought and salinity stress, maintaining and improving nutrient uptake and boosting the gene expression and quality of the plants.

High temperatures affect crop yields significantly. The results include leaf wilting, physical damage to plant root and shoot growth, biochemical and physiological changes, and reproduction issues. It has been demonstrated that an increase in the average temperature of 1 °C leads to a 4%–10% decline in crop yield. That’s why new tech is urgently required to maintain crop yields under severe stress.

ClimAid™ helps farmers to achieve just that. Our field test results show that effective pre-treatment of soil with low-cost natural materials can improve plant tolerance to heat stress, as well as enhance related antioxidant activity.

Projects in Israel
showed a yield increase
of 17% in industrial
tomato production.

Here is an Outline of the Many

Secure market access
and improve ROI with
increased yield
Boost profitability
and improve crop
Hit ESG targets by
restoring and sustaining
soil quality
Secure ROI with
improved residue
Expanding projects
around the world

Take a look at the
video footage

our field-level and GTM trials of ClimAid™ in
Europe, the U.S., and Israel, including farmer