Our Company

Grace Breeding was established to address some of the key global challenges in the $8 trillion agriculture industry. Employing over 40% of the global population and responsible for feeding the entire planet, the largely inefficient agriculture industry faces constraints that include: a growing population that is set to reach 9 billion in 2050; water shortages; climate change; environmental degradation; changing consumer demands; food waste; and consumer health issues and chronic disease. The agriculture industry must innovate in ways that create significant opportunities for disruptive technologies and business models that will tackle these challenges and yield positive results.

Founded in May 2015, Grace Breeding is a forward-thinking, experimental greenhouse of patented agro innovation. Proven experience, along with vast knowledge and deep know-how, lead to short development cycles, scientific creativity, and a continuous flow of new products and protocols – enabling our customers to become pioneers in their communities. A unique, hi-tech agro leadership team implements innovative solutions, acts quickly with flexibility, and operates with significantly lower budgets – with short time to market.

Grace Breeding has two leading farm-based research and development centers in Israel and 15 agricultural development professionals. We are currently working with partners in Europe and India to build a global presence.

Our Vision

Grace Breeding’s vision is to disrupt major on-farm inputs markets for crop and animal agriculture – including breeding, soil microbiome, crop fertilization, and crop protection – by offering innovative products and solutions that address key unmet global needs via unique proprietary technologies and tailor-made business models.

Our Leadership

Our experienced hi-tech agro leadership team brings decades of multi-disciplinary expertise to Grace Breeding.

Morris Zelkha – CEO

Founder and CEO of LycoRed for the past 24 years. He also serves as head of new product development at Negev Phosphate ICL. Previously head of process group at Makhteshim Chemical Work and plant manager at Indian Ocean Fertilizers.

Yossi Raveh – COO

Business operations leader and senior manager with vast international experience in managing product development, budget, and successfully leading large global teams that include hundreds of members.

Adi Argov – Marketing & Sales, Southern Europe

International expert in agricultural marketing, specializing in propagation products for growers of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and ornamental plants and advanced agricultural technologies.

Amit Avidov – CTO, Head of R&D

Innovative agronomist and senior plant breeder with more than 30 years of experience and over 600 registered plant varieties attributed to his work. CTO of Kaiima Ltd, Morning Seeds, and Top Seeds. CEO AB seeds (later sold to De Ruiter Seeds). Oversaw development of market-leading vegetable varieties.

Avner Barazani – VP Business Development & Strategy

Over 40 years of experience in the global agro business, including new product development, marketing strategy, market research, and sales. Formerly, Chief Agronomist and the head of Innovative Agrochemical division at ADAMA (MAI).