Upstream Solution: Bio-Fertilizer (“NFT”)

Proprietary bio-fertilizer that combines natural bacteria and biological activators to reduce the need for synthetic nitrogen / urea to reduce GHG from crop production and increase yield

  • 1:25 volume dose/Ha (20L/Ha NFT: 500kg/Ha urea)
  • Urea reduction drives 50% cost efficiency at current prices
  • Carbon footprint reduction from multiple sources
  • Environmentally-friendly to air, soil and the aquifer
  • Easy and efficient field application provides additional cost savings to farmer

We have a strategic research and development collaboration with the University of Londrina (UEL), based in Paraná State, Brazil. The University is evaluating Grace Breeding’s NFT being developed to improve absorption of nutrients from the soil as well as increase the efficiency of nitrogenous feeding. This will allow farmers to significantly reduce their dependence on synthetic fertilizer.

Grace Breeding’s NFT has been tested in farm-scale maize and wheat in Israel. It is currently being tested by global companies in Europe and India.